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Blog documents my, step by step, journey as a new investor with only $500.
Added: July 06, 2017
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$500 Project ( Part 2 )

Friday, July 7th was my 'buy' day. I planned to spend $500 on four stocks. My choices were:  Histogenics Corp. 50 shares at $1.74 each.GoPro Inc. 10 shares at $7.98 each.ETFS Physical Silver Shares 13 shares at $15.00 each.TimeFire VR 2,000 ...

The $500 Project

 Have you ever done a search for "Best investment with $100"?  I have.On rare occasions, when I ended up with extra money from overtime or pay from vacation I didn't take, I often wondered what I could do to take advantage of "extra" money. ...

Star Light, Star Bright

                                             By Anonymous                                            Star light, star bright, ...

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