The power of WindTurbine explained; info and resources for building your own wind turbine.
Added: October 18, 2009
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Vertical Wind Turbine Cheap Solutions

A Vertical Wind Turbine can be the best investment those days, not only for producing free electricity and saving lots of money but also for helping the environment. Yet Wind Turbines are quite expensive and not many of us are so fortunate ...

The Evolution Of Wind Turbines

Wind energy, being one of the fastest growing form of clean and renewable energy enjoy a large popularity not only amongst environmentalist. The trend evolved in the latest decade into a new industry and today we all are familiar with the e ...

Wind Turbine Components

Wind turbines come in many sizes and configurations. But no matter if they are big or small, horizontal-axis or vertical-axis, every wind turbine function on the same principle: extracts energy from wind, transfers this harvested energy into ...