We moved to Barcelona without arranging a flat or a job. We don't even speak Spanish, let alone Catalan. How long can it last? Find out in our weekly adventures...
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Week 44

ChristinaWith the weather being so lovely, we've been spending a lot of time at the beach. Some people are right at home in the sea: they run up and jump in with all the energy of David Hasselhoff and they emerge, unruffled, like models in Dolce ...

Week 40

ChristinaI have sad news: it seems that I am now too old to deal with the consequences of a night out and must resign myself to a lifetime of afternoon naps and BBC antique programmes. Where once a hangover was cured by a bacon sandwich and ...

Weeks 38-39

We apologise, again, for not updating the blog. We have dropped the ball. Then we have picked the ball up and then dropped it again, repeatedly, until the ball became bruised and traumatised. The ball is now in care, where it will stay until ...