I am the very strange combination between a magic fairy and a selfish witch. My ceaseless concern is to eventually discover what chance do I have tot become an ordinary woman.
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A Violet and Two Gentlemen

It's live!!!! My most recent book is live and ready to be devoured on Amazon! God, I am soooooooo excited and nervous and ...happy!!! Isn't it pretty?! You can find it here >>http://hyperurl.co/j21xcv

Spring in my garden

Spring is here, finally!!!! And the blue-eyed boy is highly enjoying it. Have a lovely spring!!!! Isn't Mirella enchanting?

Momma's got a big boy

Yesterday, we celebrated my baby boy reaching the impressing age of 1 year old. I can't believe how fast time goes by. He is walking almost independently, he still needs to reach and grab hold of things around to regain his balance, but we are ...