Hungry? Feeling Tired? Exhausted from a Long Day at Work? Still Want Something Delicious for Dinner but Don't Want to, or Have No Time to Cook? Here (on our blog) you will find some delicious recipes that explain every step needed for a specific dish preparation with detailed picture instructions. So don't worry if you don't know how to cook a specific dish, or if you have never cooked before! We'll teach you! Bon Voyage, my friends, oh..and Bon Appetit!
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Peach Fruit Fantasy

This creamy delicious peach dessert is really easy to make and will complete and decorate any sophisticated dinner party!preparation time: 15 minbaking time: 20 min- 4-5 fresh peach fruits- 3 eggs- 2 cups of (white) apple, peach, or grape juice- ...

Buckwheat Soup

A perfect soup recipe for the chilly weather!preparation time: 15 mincooking time: 45 min- 3 medium carrots- 1.5lb chicken tenders- 400g buckwheat- 1 small onion- 1 chicken bouillon cube- salt and ground black pepper1. Slice the onion.2. Beat ...

Sweet Peach Lassi (India)

An absolute must with any Indian dinner!