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The struggles of a professional writer and aspiring author, with book reviews and observations on the art of writing.
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Greed, Rich & Riots

Greed is the sine non qua of our society. Back in the openly greedy days of the power-shouldered eighties, when lunch was for wimps and greed was a healthy appetite, through the caring nineties, and the naughty noughties, the avarice for more ...

The Most Unlikely Agent ZigZag

Eddie Chapman was the most extraordinary WWII spy you will never have heard of. Were he a fictional character, you would not find him credible.I met him while browsing a second-hand book shop where my attention was drawn to his existence by ...


I have known of Rupert Murdoch and his methods since he took over The Times in 1981.I was a new group head in Leo Burnett, the advertising agency, and the paper was one of my accounts. I wrote the line ' Have you ever wished you were better ...

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