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a weekly response to president obama's weekly video address
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2012.03.24 Weekly Address: President Obama Says House Must Pass Bipartisan Transportation Bill

Bringing Back EarmarksBy Leo Brown[President Obama's Weekly Address]In an unusual moment of bipartisan legislation, the Senate has passed a transportation bill that would allocate $109 billion to the construction of roads, bridges, and transit ...

2012.03.17 Weekly Address: Ending Subsidies for Big Oil Companies

Subsidies and the End of OilBy Leo Brown[President Obama's Weekly Address]If only because I read (the print edition of) Ranger Rick as a little boy, I have long taken for granted that oil companies are greedy, heartless, and dangerous for the ...

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Russia Upon a ThresholdBy Jared NourseVladimir Putin is back in the office he built. Depending upon who you ask, that could mean a variety of different things. Ask the majority of Russians, and they'll tell you it's a very good thing. Putin ...

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