We've started this blog so that anyone who's interested can follow our exciting adventure. We are volunteers from the UK working with an organisation called Novi Most International in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Happy: we didn't make this!

Don't miss the nuance of the colon: the video is called Happy, and we didn't film or edit it. Rowan, however, did lend her smiling face and improvisational dance skills to the project. Internet people will probably have heard about Happy, the ...

Where's winter?!

Today is FIS World Snow Day. Last year we were out on a very patchy piste making the most of some less than ideal conditions at the slope above Jajce. This year there isn't a ski lift working in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina! You can't ...

Solving it

Lest our last post read as some sort of rant against English language music let us redress the balance. Last weekend we got to see the powerful impact some properly performed pop can have on people's imagination. The video below is a short clip ...