We've Got Time to Help

e are a group of people that have found some extra time on our hands. Most of us have been laid off and are having a tough time finding a job in this awful economy. We are using a small portion of that time to make our entire community a better place. We are willing to help out anyone in need using our experience and skills. We donate time, energy, equipment and services to anyone less fortunate. We realize that every single one of us has something to offer. Every person on Earth has a skill or some experience that can help someone else. In these dark times, we need to stand together, act together and help one another in our greatest time of need.
Added: November 17, 2009
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Here we find ourselves, a year and a half after we started this organization. It has been an incredible, and life changing, journey. We have had our ups and downs. We have had our highs and lows. Many things have changed. What hasn’t changed ...

Our website

Please see our new home at http://wevegottimetohelp.orgThanks,Seth and Michelle

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Hello to everyone! Sorry that we have not been posting on the website. We have had a couple of serious family health issues over the last many months that has taken quite a bit of our time away from the website. We also started a business a ...

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