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Added: January 16, 2015
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The Feminine is Fed Up

We can't stop bad men by sacrificing good men. We can't attain the moral high ground on our knees. We can't let political opportunists lead a moral movement.Questions: Would Al Franken have been sacrificed to the cause if he weren't in a safe ...

Crawling for Coins

The Senate did as they were told & are picking their donor's coins up off the floor. Now off to watch the House crawl. Proud of your government? It is time to make sure all this donor money is wasted at the polls. VOTE THEM OUT IN '18!OUT IN ...

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself ... FDR

I just called Jackie Speier's office and asked why she is withholding the names of men in Congress who have perpetrated sexual harassment.  The staff member I spoke to told me that the victims are frightened. Okay. So, the upshot is that this ...

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