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Added: June 28, 2011
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Lufthansa - More Indian Than You Think

Lufthansa, a German airline is opening more flight routes to India. A new TV ad has been launched by Lufthansa to promote their brand among Indian Travellers. "Customer is the King" and understanding and serving their needs is vital for being ...

Why does hair turn grey?

Hair is an organ which covers almost our whole body. It grows everywhere from head, cheeks, fingers to knees and toes except lips, palm, and sole of the feet. Hair insulates the body and protects our skin (and SCALP) from sunlight. It also ...

What is Hotlinking?

To understand about hotlinking, first you must know how to use an image on the internet.To be clear, you must know how to use others image on the internet for your own use.While surfing the net, you may come across many beautiful images and ...

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