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Share The Load

In my class, I asked grade 1 students some general questions and got shocked with one of their answer. First it goes like,Who paints the wall?PainterWho washes clothes?MotherWho cooks food?MotherMajority of students is of opinion that household ...

Dispel The Inequality

We parents are the first role model of our children. After birth, the young mind is learning by observing the world around them. We are their first world. They see and imagine the world in the way we introduce it to them. To develop a good, ...

If you've got it, flaunt it!

One fine day I met you and that moment my life changed #fantastico.My everyday is peppy beholding your spellbinding beauty.I am lucky and feel proud to possess you.Dear, who created you?I want to thank and express my gratitude for bringing you ...