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Some of my recipes and thoughts on vegan issues with reviews of vegan products or those related to my vegan activities.
Added: February 21, 2010
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Easy homemade hemp milk

Originally posted on healthyspiritmindbody:For my Sister in law Fi

Chocolate orange deodorant – Oh my!

Just got back from picking the girls up from kindergarten and hoping I’ll have a bit of time to blog as I can hear them playing happily in the road. It’s not quite as irresponsible as it sounds – we live in a dead end, so fingers cr

Addicted To Meat?

Reblogged from Mill's Message: When are you finally going to get the message (if you haven't already)?  Is it going to take some personal tragedy as a wake-up call?  Are you so stuck in your ways that you're willing to risk your life ...

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