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This is electronic cigarrete brand, Vapourlites blog with features on e cigs, market information and industry insight. There is fun and infographics throughout, too.
Added: April 28, 2014
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E-cigarettes has helped 1.5million quit smoking

For the first time ever, e-cigarettes has helped 1.5million vapers quit smoking, compared to 1.3million people who still smoke traditional tobacco.

How effective is standardised plain packaging likely to be?

One of the biggest restrictions from the directive includes ensuring all manufactures cigarettes have standardised plain packaging. How Effective Is Standardised Plain Packaging Likely To Be?

New data assesses smoking habits across US states

Vapourlites has mapped the smoking habits across US states, finding 5 out of the top 10 highest smoking states are in the top 10 for cancer deaths.

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