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The Best Parent Life Hack To Keep Your Sanity

A Strategy That Eased All The Frustration    It’s 8pm and time for Baby Bird to go to bed. The usual bed time routine is taking place. First we change her diaper, then put her sleeper on, then put her in her sleep sack. Then she feeds, ...

A Bond So Strong Early On

     Before the birth of Baby Bird I knew I wanted to create a special bond with her and I knew I would have to work harder than Mama Bird to get that, just for the sole fact that I am the dad. Naturally mothers create a bond right away via ...

Baby Bird's Progressions

    Well our little Baby Bird has hit the 16 week mark and is fast approaching the 4 month mark!  In other words, she is a third of the way to her one year birthday!!  Insane!  Anyways, I figured I better do an update on where our little ...

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