Twelfth Night: The Theatre Company

Twelfth Night: The Theatre Company
Added: August 31, 2010
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Russell Brand Improvising a Backstory

Russell Brand plays Trinculo in Julie Taymor’s film of The Tempest, and he’s known for his improvisation. Naturally, he can’t improvise in this film, but he can do it off-screen. And brilliantly, mind you.

I Had a Margaret, Till a Director Killed Her

Richard III is Shakespeare’s second-longest play (the longest being Hamlet), so a production of it has to be substantially edited. More often than not, that means cutting out the entire character of Queen Margaret. It’s an understandable ...


I think? Maybe “interdisciplinariness”? Whatever. It’s beside the point. Duane made an excellent post at ShakespeareGeek about how Shakespeare is taught to young students, and whether or not they should be expected to provide analy

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