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You leave my ring out of this…

Really, Turbine! Don’t you tell me what to do with my ring! How rude!Filed under: Computers, MMO Tagged: Lord of the Rings Online, lotro, Many ring, Really?, Such perverts, Turbine

World War Z Review

World War Z is, in case you have magically missed out on all the hype, a zombie apocalypse movie which begins in the contemporary USA but then goes globetrotting. It’s about as “based on” Max Brooks’ 2006 novel as U-571 was &#

Dragon’s Maze Mini-League Adventure

The recent trip to Texas was centred around visiting a friend, so Mr. Troo and I took a Dragon’s Maze booster box with us and spent a fortnight engaged in an impromptu mini-league. Here’s how it worked: Each player took one third of the ...

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