Toy Ray Gun Collector

This blog is simply a record & gallery of my toy ray / space gun collection. Each time I get a new addition to my collection I will post a pictures & some info about it as well as estimated value.
Added: April 16, 2006
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Welcome Wired Readership

I am very pleased to have been given the honour of having a featured gallery on Click here to view - to all the Wired readers that stumble this way. I have lots more in my collection and ...

Futuristic Products Strato Gun

The Strato Gun was created by Futuristic Products Co. based in Detroit in the mid 1950s. A large heavy cap gun with a shiney chrome-like finish, the Strato was marketed as "Earth's only Interplanetary Automatic Cap Gun." A fantastic claim ...

Daisy Rocket Dart Pistol

Produced in the early 1950s by Daisy Manufacturing Company. The Rocket Dart Pistol used the same molds as the 1930s Buck Rogers Pop Pistol but with a colourful twist. Made from heavy lithographed sheet metal. Length 7".

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