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Big Winner of the 1st 2016 GOP Primary Debate Marathon – Fox News – All Candidates – Too Early to Determine

The large field of 2016 GOP Candidates - split for two debates by tiers - image insider fox news Last night’s back to back GOP 2016 Primary debate hosted by Fox News is Cleveland, OH, with 17 candidates vying for the spotlight, appears to ...

GOP Field - Separating the Wheat from the Chaff – Media Skewers Trump, Along with 99% of the Republican Candidates

Dem’s Oddly Silent over McCain Brouhaha – What if more than half of Trump’s Statement was left off the page? Two from this group did not jump on the Media-GOP bash Trump bandwagon - the Smart Guy in the bunch - image Kansas City ...

New York Times is the New Rolling Stone –Fabricating Stories for Personal or Political Purposes – Ted Cruz, A Time for Truth, #1 in Biographies at Amazon.com

In another case of creative reporting, the New York Times has kept Ted Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth” off their Best Seller list due to the fact that they had evidence the book did not qualify due to “bulk purchases”, except for one ...

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