We are all the witness of everything that surrounds us! This blog I call TIKLATON is a collection of my personal insights regarding the things and events that affect our daily lives!
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Help With Business Online

There are many ways on how to be successful with your business. There are many approaches you can try but you must remember that each business has different kinds of promotional efforts. There are those that need less effort and there are those ...

Test Preparation Tips

In life, we face many tests and most of these tests are those that involve solving and analyzing. Yes, I am talking about the tests we take in school. That type of test that usually needs a good strategy in order for us to pass.There are many ...

Christmas Countdown 2012

It's only 82 days before Christmas and I cannot wait to celebrate the Holiday Season this year! I am looking forward to reunions, parties, gifts and most especially, food...gorgeous foods!I am already saving some of my salary because I want ...

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