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10 points about volatile modifier or field in Java

The volatile modifier has always been an interesting and tricky topic to many Java programmers. I still feel that it's one of the most underutilized modifiers in Java, which can do a lot of good if understood and applied correctly, after all, ...

Top 5 Core Java Books for Beginners - Learn Best of Lot

I have shared a lot of books related to Java and related technologies in the past e.g. Spring, Hibernate, JVM internals and performance tuning, multi-threading and concurrency, design patterns, data structure and algorithms etc, but I haven't ...

Top 6 SQL Query Interview Questions and Answers

The SQL, short form of Structured Query Language is one of the essential skills in today's programming world. No matter whether you are a Java developer, C++ developer or Python developer, you must know how to write SQL queries. Every programming ...