By Zach W (August 21st, 2008). The experience, strength, and hope of my life in Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
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“What I Have Learned”

As I sit down and start this entry, it is March 13th of 2013. That gives me 1,665 one days at a time—roughly four and a half years—of doing this sobriety/recovery thing. I’ve learned some powerful tidbits along the way. I’ve learned ...


Regardless of all the people who’ve hurt me over the years, I’ve hurt myself the most. This idea comes up somewhat when doing step work in AA, but I like how it’s explicitly in the readings at NA meetings. It’s easy for me to do stepwork, ...

“Dee-FENCE! Dee-FENCE!!”

I continue to work on this issue of my defensiveness. It’s a struggle, naturally. Separating out my part in things can be really hard when I feel justified in my actions, thoughts, or emotions. Let’s say someone I know is constantly fucking ...