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Added: May 26, 2010
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"I have a dream...Save the Black Pearl!"

I have a dream. And an idea. Not sure if it will work, but i'm gonna try and I need your help for it to work.Thing is; me and my girlfriend bought ourselvers a van like six months ago. An old camper van from 1980 so it's tax free (atleast in ...

Waiting around to love?

Love.The word itself makes my mouth water in a way. What is love? And can it truly be defined? Can it be touched? Altered? Controlled?Desire. Passion. Lust.Why do I even want to write about love? Because! Love is one of the few things that makes ...

What do you mean "merry christmas"?

If there is one public holiday of the year I simply cannot stand, then it is christmas. Or the whole month of december. It brings me down like an asteroid the size of europe.It's not only that it's a crazed holiday, stolen from pagans, distorted ...