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Experiments in Happiness

Being happy isn’t always easy.  Humans are complicated creatures and although our brains might be capable of performing wildly complex tasks, they can also sabotage our well-being. “Not everyone is going to be naturally happy all the time,” ...

Fake olive oil? To get the benefits of olive oil, it’s got to be fresh

The Mediterranean diet has become a darling of medical researchers.  It’s known for its veggies and grains, limited amounts of meat, and a good helping of olive oil. Researchers believe that olive oil is the key to the superior health benefits ...

The science of love …and why some couples last for life.

[Listen to Robert Levenson's full interview with Science Today.] Love can be a battlefield. So what makes a successful relationship? Psychologist Robert Levenson (known for his work on the “marry me” gene) and his team at UC Berkeley had ...