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At Lusk Law, LLC, we represent small businesses, landlords & tenants, and individuals in Maryland, to protect their short-term interests and help achieve their long-term objectives. We adapt to the needs of every single client, whether it be providing counsel for small businesses and start-ups, representing business and individuals in Court, or helping individuals with family disputes.
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Is Your Business Losing Money? These May Be the Reasons.

When your business is losing money, sometimes the reasons are obvious. For example, extreme weather may dissuade shoppers from visiting your brick-and-mortar store. But some underlying problems may not be as easy to identify. Following are some ...

How Small Business Owners Spend Their Time

If you own a small business, you’re probably working more hours than you’d like. According to The Alternative Board’s Small Business Pulse Productivity Survey, 84 percent of business owners are routinely logging more than 40 hours per ...

It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Own Business

Retirement isn’t for everyone. Some people have a hard time with the concept of “doing nothing,” and as they reach their late 50s, they wonder how they will fill their time in the future. Increasingly, many people who are approaching ...

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