The Vet Tech Guide

A complete guide for those interested in becoming a veterinary technician. You'll find the necessary requirements for each state with a list of schools, salary information, specializations and many guides on how to earn more, do a better interview and overall excell in this career.
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Who Works at Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals?

If you have a pet that is a member of your family, you have most likely visited a veterinary clinic or hospital on numerous occasions. During your visits, you may have noticed the many different people working in the facility. However, have ...

The Emotional Rewards of a Vet Tech Career

Veterinary technicians are hard-working professionals who devote their time to providing basic medical care to animals of many different species. Each day brings new challenges requiring various types of skills and knowledge. Just as with most ...

Is There a Difference Between Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technologists?

Have you been thinking about training for a career in veterinary technology? If you have, you may have heard of such terms as veterinary technician and veterinary technologist. However, do you know what each of these terms mean and if there ...

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