The Unlucky Hunter

Added: July 21, 2011
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The Best Tips For Staying Awake While Hunting - Guest Post

Here is an interesting guest post on how to get the rest you need for a successful hunt. It is an important consideration that I had never thought of.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...

A Flashlight: The Most Important Piece of Outdoor Gear

I have two things I carry with me at all times, well five actually. My phone, wallet, and keys are always with me, but everyone has those! The other two "optional" things I always have with me is a good pocket knife (I personally carry a Swiss ...

How to start Metal Detecting

Every time I think I can’t come up with something else to do outdoors, I stumble upon something fun and engaging! Have you seen the new metal detectors that are on the market now? They are amazing!I love the idea of finding treasure (or something ...

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