The Truth About Lies

The Truth About Lies
Added: November 21, 2010
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The Insides of WordsI gave her some hollow words to fill and she asked what with. I suggested the truth but the romantic in her wasn't too keen. So she left them empty on a shelf. She said they meant something to her. One day a spider made a ...


Birth befalls me Life occupies me Death completes me– Édouard Levé, Suicide    ‘The Death of the Author’ is a 1967 essay by the French literary critic and theorist Roland Barthes. It has nothing to say about dead authors or even suicidal ...


An Early FallMy feelings are leaves and it's Autumn. Why do you tear them down? Why won't you let the winds of change do their job? They do it well. Why hasten the Winter when Spring is so long in coming?   On the whole I’d say I’m quite ...

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