The Truth About Lies

The Truth About Lies
Added: November 21, 2010
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Ten years after

All good things come to an end, and all bad things, too, one supposes, and, as a matter of course, the noncommittal and the inconsequential… The More Things Change, Jim Murdoch This will be my last post. The last for a while in any case. ...


The North SeaIt's strangehow such a cold and formidable thingreminds me of you, its icy breakers failingon a beach we've never walked onnor likely ever will. And yet perhaps that is it. That after all these miles of travellingdefeat should comeat ...


The Dawning(for Cilla) Albeit far away I still sense you –a silent warmth that stirs me to life –I know you're behind me and it's time. The shadows of my past stretch before me. Should I turn around they'll still be there –I know that ...

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