The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy

Combines found photos with short stories they inspired, an idea based on John Cage's Indeterminacy recordings, coupling stories with sound. Stories show elements of avant garde, surrealism, dada, horror, humor, satire, fantasy, erotic, etc.
Added: April 09, 2006
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Indeterminacy #428

He spoke to her, glancing up from the wheelchair. "This is my plan. You will take the roses, much like the one you see in the vase, sneak out after curfew, transplant them in the locations I told you, then slip away, hours before the dawn reveals ...

Vote Twice then Write a Story

A story will be posted shortly, but first.....Mayuko Fujino, whose artwork you may view here and here has an online exhibit at the House of Scratch in Toronto, Canada. Truly, I am fascinated by the colors and the intimate delicacy of her artwork. ...

Indeterminacy #427

***** Sorry photo had to be removed *****One of the missing legends of archaeology is that of the Mauktika Niila, Pearl that is Black, an indestructible statue carved from material unknown with a technique equally mysterious, and an origin lost ...

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