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Added: August 17, 2015
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16 Year Winter Finished The Dinosaurs

Most people would be able to say that it was an impact by an enormous meteor that did for the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. I have written previously about the less commonly known vulcanism of the Deccan Traps which also played a likely sizeable ...

Maybe T. rex’s Arms Wern’t So Useless After All?

The arms of Tyrannosaurus rex have the become the stuff of legend. The butt of a million internet jokes about having short, useless arms the memes have become so prevalent that people are as likely to let out a laugh rather than a quiver of ...

Baryon Carry On Explained

Time for a bit of physics. You are probably aware that we cannot currently account for about 95% of the matter in the universe. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the place holder names we use to describe the missing mass and energy until such ...

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