The Silver Spoon Cook

The Silver Spoon Cook
Added: October 06, 2010
Authority: 27.6919
Language: English
Type: Blog
Category: Food & Drink
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Myself, Me and I...

Some people are really inconsiderate.They just think of themselves and refuse to look at other people's problems.They want help but are not willing to offer any.I understand that all people are selfish now.So, I have to be selfish too.And don't ...

A Blog...

A blog is a place you go when you want to talk about your depression...A blog is a place you go when nobody else cares...A blog is a place you go when nobody wants to listen to you...A blog is a place you go when everyone is disappointed in ...

A Lembu and a Kerbau is Not the Same

Excuse me, a lembu is not a kerbau.Therefore, they are not and will never be the same.If you cannot differentiate them, you don't have cow sense at all...Funny isn't it, that a person as 'brilliant' as you cannot even differentiate a lembu from ...

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