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Added: November 20, 2012
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(Guns don’t kill people…) But Without Them, You Look Pretty Silly Yelling Bang!

After the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut petitions circulated calling for gun control, something the President acted upon quickly. Appointing Joe Biden, the President asked for some common sense gun control laws, and ways to stop violence, ...

The New Standard: Some Tips and Tricks of Web Design

I recently started helping build a website for a friend of mine, and I thought it might be fun to talk a little bit about web design, HTML5 and CSS. As with all modern web browsers, HTML5 and CSS are the standard for markup language used on ...

What Would Jesus Say…To The NRA.

Those of you who know me and read my writings know that I’m an atheist. But I thought it might be fun to have a little thought experiment about what Jesus might say to the NRA if he were real and wanted to have a talk with them. Recently as ...

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