The Rondubic Code

If Christians have a Bible and Muslims have Qur'an. And if Plato has The Republic, Machiavelli has The Prince, I also have The Rondubic Code. I will live as a writer who keeps alive the music of the language, holds head and heart together in the words, and writes in hope and passion that one person will be better because he or she reads what I wrote
Added: January 30, 2010
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Adam Carolla’s "pathetic bashing" on Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines : A Condemnable Act

News of an American radio show host bashing Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines has been circulating around the internet, radios, televisions and newspapers and is now the talk of the town. I just listened to the podcast myself on Youtube ...

2009 Philippine BAR EXAM Result

The very moment that I am writing this post, I am 100% sure that 1,451 new lawyers are celebrating their victory for the much coveted Philippine Bar Exam. 24.58% made it, or 1,451 out of 5,903 who took it last September 2009. However, ...

Election Joke: Noynoy

In one of the conversations I had with my friends in law school regarding the 2010 Philippine Election, one friend nonchalantly cast a joke on Presidential Slogan: "Kung ang slogan ni Villar ay Sipag at Tiyaga, at ang kay Gibo ay Galing at ...

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