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$15 an hour? Minimum wage for Minimum Effort. The End of personal responsibility and the degredation of the spirit of goodwill and charity.

No offense(ok, maybe a little.) If you didn't have the ambition to finish high school, or maybe you got a GED, and you can't budget your money, and have not applied yourself to a degree where you were able to get a job better than McDonald's ...

Take back America 2014 Battle for Liberty

In the coming months we are going to see big changes in this country. Change that we were promised by the President when he was first elected in 2008. In 2013, it's hard to imagine that this was the kind of change he was talking about. High ...

Real Hope and Change in 2013

So. Yeah. With this new year I've begun to feel very differently about things. I don't think I'm any less than I was, or that I've decided to hug trees and wear Birkenstock sandals and smoke weed. Sorry, not my scene. But I realized I'm also ...

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