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The Prissy Patriot is a progressive blog that believes in order for Americans to make the correct decisions about their government-facts, not reality TV, are far more helpful. Come to your own intelligent analysis. Good for a laugh, too.
Added: February 28, 2009
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The Priss is Back and Full of Sass

Is this the real reason Prissy hasn't been blogging? Obama admin. to end use of term 'enemy combatant' So what are they now? POWT's? (Prisoners of War on Terror?)It's a good thing, because otherwise there are a lot of others who might get ...

Why to Just Say No to John McCain

When do you suppose was the last time McCain referred to Vietnamese as "gooks"? The 80's, 90's ? Yesterday? But oh no. No one should be offended when he called Barack Obama "that one". "That One" made Heinz 57 Caucasian Prissy gasp at the old ...

The Last Great Half-White Hope?

Ready for more of this? That's what we'll get if Hillary or McSame get elected. Prissy tires of hearing how much they care for the troops, when so clearly they do not. Obama may not be perfect, but he sure beats the alternatives... Listen below ...

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