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Rift Beta 7: Telara the Merciless – Final Patch Notes

The Rift Beta 7 patch notes are out for the final open beta event. 3 days to go. C’mon! C’monnnn!!! How much LONGER?!?!!!!

PC build for playing Rift: Planes of Telara on Ultra Settings

Update: As some have expressed qualms about going Intel with the recent Field-Effect Transistor biasing issue (potentially affecting SATA 3GB/s on some Sandybridge), I have included an alternative AMD/ATI option. Introduction Meet the… RIFTER ...

Rift Beta updates inc – Patch goes live and RP-PVP servers gone!

A new update has gone live on the beta servers. It could be that they’re updating the servers for beta testing, but at least it’s nice to see a bit more activity than the usual you’re-not-allowed-to-play. The download is almost 200M