The Pen Guy and His Mercedes Pens Art Car Covered in 10,000 Pens

I collect pens and glue them on my Mercedes Pens Art Car. I want to collect a MILLION pens and make more art. If you have old pens that don't work please consider donating them. There is a mailing adress on my blog.
Added: November 27, 2009
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Category: Humor
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The Pen Guy Moving to

I finally made the big move from blog spot over to my new word press site at Blog spot was a great place to start blogging about my Mercedes Pens art car and my pen recycling art project but I wanted the flexibility of a self ...

The Pen Guy Art at Tiny Town Cafe | 12-21-12

I am happy to announce the first and hopefully not the last of my recycled pen art showing at the best little coffee shop in town called tiny town cafe. There will be an art opening tomorrow on 12-21-12, supposedly the end of the world according ...

The Pen Guy Now at

The pen guy site is now is located at so if you have the old url please change it or else you will be redirected to some Japanese squatter site. Oops I did it again, fell asleep at the switch and lost my url yet ...

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