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The Soul. Journeying. Healing. Reflection. Dreams. The Universal One. Spirits. Circle of Life. After Death. Free Will.
Added: July 05, 2006
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Shamanic Journey or Soul Flight

When a person journeys the soul leaves the body, and may travel to a spiritual aspect of places on the earth, or may go within the earth, or above it. In certain societies there are destinations that are peculiar to the culture. There are ...

Intent and Will

Intent is an energy. It is a very simple energy in one sense, but its expression through personality and perception can be quite complicated. If we borrow a chorus from the Newtonian Physics Songbook, we know that energy can neither be created ...

Soul Loss

Soul loss would be comparable to the psychological concept of disassociation. Symptoms or indicators of soul loss can include:Feelings of depressionA feeling of being incompletePost Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSD like symptomsInability to ...

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