The Neighbour’s Perspective

Added: August 08, 2012
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The Deepwater Dive

Film productions differ in various ways. Some differences are more noticeable than others. For example on most occasions you can tell if the film was made on a shoestring budget. You don’t even have to wait for it to unfold, you can simply ...

The Triangle Terror Twist

Some films are masterpieces in their genre, leaving other productions light years behind. Some are there just so you can say “wow, that really sucks”. Triangle is neither of those. It tries to be the old-fashioned horror in a classic cl ...

Ken – d*** – Park – d***

It is natural for everyone to develop an attitude towards life. It is a well known fact, that in teenage years this attitude changes most dramatically. For some of us change comes easy, others treat it as a dull and painful ordeal. Teenage days, ...

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