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Added: September 04, 2014
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10 Most Infamous Sports Drugs Cheats in History

There is nothing more shocking to the public’s sense of fair play and decency than a drugs cheat in sport. We all like to believe that an athlete or sports-person has achieved the level they are at and won their trophies due to hard work along ...

10 Most Amazing Facts About Great White Sharks

Recognised as one of the most fearsome marine predators that patrols the world’s oceans, the Great White Shark is one majestic animal. Perfectly designed for power and speed in the water, it cuts quite a figure as it hunts for food under the ...

10 Most Interesting Facts About the Knights Templar

Established in 1139, the Knights Templar were (and in fact still are!) one of the most fascinating secret orders in history. Also known as ‘The Order of Solomon’s Temple’, they grew from their small origins to become a very powerful o ...

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