The MacIntyre Dispatch

The MacIntyre Dispatch
Added: June 26, 2010
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Federal Tories Push Drastic Changes To Canada’s Longform Improv

Toronto, Canada (TMD) Ignoring the advice of several leading industry professionals, Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement announced today that the Harper Government would be instituting sweeping changes to Canada’s longform improvisation ...

Glenn Beck Revealed To Be Post-Modern Performance Artist

New Canaan, Connecticut (TMD) After decades in the public spotlight, extreme conservative-libertarian radio and Fox News personality Glenn Beck has revealed himself to be avant-garde performance artist Joseph Vostell. At a press conference held ...

Federal Tories Hit Mid-Life Crisis Hard, Purchase $9 Bil Jet Fighters

Ottawa, Canada (TMD) Four years after gaining control of the House of Commons the PMO has, in a fit of mid-life panic, committed $9 billion to purchasing a flashy new fleet of F-35Fighter Jets. Avoiding questions about the National Deficit … ...

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