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Lime Mint Pesto

This minty pesto is great on just about anything; from sweet to savory enjoy it with all your favorites.     Lime Mint Pesto Ingredients large hanfull Fresh Mint 1/2 cup Raw Cashewssoaked 1tablespoon honeylocal 1/2 Lime, juiced Zest from 1/2 ...

Sundried Tomato Compote

Savory and sweet this compote is great paired with pasta or bread.   Sundried Tomato Compote Ingredients Sund Dried Tomato Compote 1Jar Sundried Tomatoes, oil packedoil drained 2 cloves Garlic, mined 1/2cup Chicken Stock 1/2teaspoon Sugar, ...

World Wide Lunch – The Cuisine of Thailand

As part of the Prescription for Flavor Podcast Dr. Jenn and I will be exploring cuisines of the world.  This first installment looks at Thai food.  To listen in as we explore the kick-ass flavors of this diverse region click here.  I realize ...

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