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Added: March 02, 2008
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Fat Joe Puts 50 Cent On BLAST.

Haha, yo Joe Crack put 50 on BLAST. OMG, 50 is a funny dude. He is sewage. G-Unit is, sewage. Your last LP was sewage. Kanye dogged YOU. No COME back. Trying to get big on 106 talkin bout "Big Brother" Jigga man and shit. Hmm, I swear i never ...

Uhh Oooh!: Lil Wayne [Swagger Jacker]

Call him Weezi F Baby, Weezi, Lil Wayne, Mr Carter, Dwayne, shit call him anything you damn well please. THERE is nothing this nigga can do to explain this one. Ohh maa gawd. FINALLY someone put this cocky bastard on BLAST. This dude SWEARs ...

The Game Goes To JAIL.

Jayceon Taylor or better known as the rapper, 'The Game' has checked in to jail. Haha, this joint is hilarious to me. I saw a video like 2months ago about him saying that he supposedly DID NOT pull a gun at an opposing player at a basketball ...

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