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I don’t think this is very funny and you shouldn’t think it’s funny, either

There is  a picture I found on the web that is so awful I hesitate to show it here but feel I must in the interest of journalistic integrity.  Someone sent it to me after seeing it on one of … Continue reading →

President Suit, a vile so-called “conservative web comic” by a sad pathetic teabagger

President Suit, Savior of the World, is a weekly webcomic by an anonymous teabagger (or teabaggers).  It is featured on two right-wing web sites and and touts itself as intentionally offensive ...

Okay, ya caught me! Big deal!

After weeks of having my love letters to Obama published all over the world,  someone at the Cleveland Plain Dealer figured out that forty-seven newspapers all published identical letters from someone named Ellie Light, each one claiming that ...

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