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4 Benefits Juicing Promises – But Is There a Better Way?

There are lots of benefits juicing is said to offer, but you can boil them down to a handful really. And while we don’t want to deny the real value that juicing holds, it’s not the silver bullet some of its fans claim it to be. In the long ...

Omega 3 From Algae for Vegetarians and Vegans

The benefits of omega 3 are well known, and the primary source is coldwater (oily) fish. But what if you’re vegan or vegetarian? People have a number of reasons for not eating fish – health concerns, moral choices, and allergies, just to ...

35 Delicious Infused Water Recipes for Health and Weight Loss

We have 35 of our favorite infused water recipes to give you below (you can scroll down if you wish). But first, some information about what infused water is, and all that it can do for you and your family. Infused water is sometimes called ...

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