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Added: September 29, 2010
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Diabetes Risk Test

Twenty-five percent of Americans with diabetes don’t know they have the disease. Place this diabetes risk test widget on your Web site, your portal home page, or in your blog to help others learn their risk for type 2 diabetes and whether ...

Study: Alcohol is The Deadliest Drug

Tobacco is second most dangerous legal drug.A new study by London's Imperial College's chair of neuropsychopharmacologist, David Nutt, claims that the three most dangerous drugs in the world are alcohol, heroin, and cocaine -- in that order.  ...

6 Pack Abs Is Unhealthy Myth

Some of you will hate me for this post, but i must do something about it, i had enough :-) of those six pack abs thing, yes it is unnatural, unhealthy and totally over-rated, lets see why: Woman's body?! First to get a six pack abs you m ...

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