The Gringa Trail

The Gringa Trail The random life of a single female traveler. Budget travel advice, tips on working abroad and the crazy adventures a single girl gets herself into while living life on the road. "Well behaved woman rarely make history."
Added: October 25, 2009
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The end of The Gringa Trail...

I have had this blog hanging over my head like a grey cloud following me where ever I go. Tracy catch up

World Vision, One Life Experience: Boots and Hearts Music Festival

On the Gringa Trail I can honestly say I have only volunteered once and it was just for a few hours picking up garbage on little Corn island in the Caribbean. It’s not that I shun volunteering, I know there are a lot of good organizations ...

She’s Gone Country: Boots and Hearts Music Festival, Ontario, Canada

I have traveled the world endlessly like a free spirit for years and even though I am in Canada right now I know I will be back on the road less traveled again, hopefully sooner rather than later. The life of a vagabond

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