The Glamorous Life of an Army Wife

The Glamorous Life of an Army Wife
Added: November 08, 2010
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Last leg London ahead

So I leave today, after saying my "see you next times" to my new friends in the CZ Republic, and head to London.So why am I not excited?Why do I feel like someone just died? Why did I not sleep at all last night?A few reasons. The friends I ...

The roof...the roof...the roof is on fire!

So full day two in Czech Republic, and I went to the office. The people here seem like fun...and it looks like I have a partner in crime to go to Prague with this weekend, which is good that I wont be sitting by myself here. So we went to lunch ...

Europe-Part 1-Czech Republic

After flying for what seemed like days...oh wait, it was days...I arrive in Prague, am picked up by my driver for the two hour car ride to the small town of Brno. Pretty seamless. No issues, the countryside looks like Pennsylvania, the roads ...

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