We ask daily of our young men and women that is - We the people of the US corporation; sheltered and uninvolved. Not too concerned about who fights the wars, only that the corporation wins at all costs.
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War, The Business of it

The goal of any business is to turn a profit and grow. Its health is derived from the ability to maintain what it 's acquired; and gain more through any means - usually aggressive strategy. To replenish its core; the corporation recruits, drafts, ...

Paul Ryan Prosperity

Everyday people and families make choices in where their money goes. How far can their budget stretch, what will it take to to afford the basics of their household? It's called their family budget, their own path to prosperity. We all have one ...

The Burning Heart

The book "The Burning Heart" features an interesting collection of ideas. Written toward the spiritual mind, as if the cover didn't indicate it, it doesn't read like a bunch of sermons. Some of the pieces have a natural -everyday air about them. ...