The Ethics of Metropolitan Growth

A wide-ranging discussion of the ethical dimension of decisions about how we build and how we live in metropolitan regions.
Added: April 22, 2010
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Field Notes

I haven't paid much attention to this blog, lately. I am likely to come back around to it, from time to time, but I'm now shifting my attention to a new website/blog: "Field Notes of an Experiential Ethicist" -'ll ...

Origin Myth

I returned to the spoken-word open-mic, this past Sunday, with a piece I wrote on July 4, 2014.It picks up on themes already taken up in this blog, starting with my response to Wendy Brown's book, Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs - which ...


I've been trying something new, lately.There is a spoken-word open-mic on Sunday evenings at a coffee shop a short walk from where I live. I attended a few times, then decided to try standing up and speaking something.There are a number of things ...

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