The Eighties Refugee Camp

Go back to the 80's with 12-inch single remixes and comic books and whatever else I can think to post from this decade.
Added: November 17, 2009
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"You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Special Disco Mix)" - The Gap Band I'm back from Station Nopost. The brothers Charlie, Ronnie and Robert wilson formed the Gap Band in 1967 as The Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band. Now most of you out there - ...

Atari fever.

Atari Force #1-5 To tie in with the hugely popular Atari home video gaming console in 1982, DC Comics came up with Atari Force. The first series was released packed in with actual Atari games. Issue 1 came with Defender and subsequent books ...

Two dollars.

"Best Adventures (Remix)" - Thinkman  Long time between updates, I know. Rupert Hine tried to pull a Milli Vanilli back in 1986. Thinkman was a "virtual band" with hired actors as band members on live performances. Hine was mostly known as ...

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